Week 20 – Mortality

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”  We have been reading obituaries, we have talked about how many Falls, Springs, Summers, or if you like cold, Winters you have left before you die.  We all know we are going to die, the question is are we living each day like it might be our last?  Are we striving daily for our DMP?  We must live the dash, the days in between the day we are born and our end date to the fullest.  We have been working on motivation to “do it now” before it’s too late.  Sometimes it takes something to hit close to home to get a giant-sized dose of reality and amp up your life.  Life is short, there are only so many hours in a day, but there are also only so many hours in your life.  It’s time to get busy doing what is important and what you are meant to be!

Today, the reports aren’t even complete, but we know several children and possibly adults were shot in a high school in Florida.  For most, this is old news.  We hear about this kind of thing so often we’re becoming numb to it.  However, this was my kids’ high school when we lived in this area four years ago.  I used to teach and coach next door at the Middle School that was the feeder to this high school.  I’m still waiting to hear all my former students are safe and my fellow teachers and friends are ok.  If this isn’t a kick in the butt to live life to the fullest everyday, I don’t know what is.  You never know what tomorrow brings and you never know when your time is up.  So, “do it now” is even more important and the speed at which we must act on our heart’s desire can’t be fast enough.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those at Douglas High School and especially those who were injured or died.  I can’t imagine, my heart aches from my living room in Pittsburgh.  Lives are changed forever.

Give your kids, your spouse, your pets a hug and get busy.  After all, we are only mortal.  Do it now!


Week 19 – Knowledge

I just recently got back from my company’s convention.  Mark J has always said “live events” are a shortcut to success.  I know my company has always said our events will catapult your business 6 months and I truly believe that’s part of the success.  Not only does the experience just motivate you and your team, but the excitement in the air is palatable.  It seems that the more events you and your team attend, the more successful you become.  Gaining the knowledge of what is shared at these events is invaluable.  A lot of the time, some people head to events and think it’s going to be all vacation time, or just fun and games.  Not true.  We were up and out the door by 8am and did not return until after 11pm every night.  It was not until the event was over that we got to enjoy our surroundings.

Organizing your trips takes a lot of time and resources to get there, so to waste even a minute is hard to comprehend.  I always want to soak up everything.  Besides being around a lot of fellow business partners to learn from them, the company presenters and their knowledge is that catalyst that will boost your business.  I volunteered some of my time in my area of expertise to help others and had a blast!  I met so many people from all over the country and got to pick their brains on their successes and failures to learn what to do and not do in my own business.  It was so much fun getting to know others and learn. It was also rewarding to help those new to the business or interested in my area to teach them what to do or how to get started.

Daily steps to help gain the knowledge and skills necessary in business is key to success.  I have found that I don’t waste a minute to make sure I am acquiring the knowledge necessary to succeed.  While driving, walking the dogs, or working out, I am listening to an audio that is teaching me the skills or the knowledge I need to hear over and over before it becomes a part of me.  Knowledge is power and knowledge is what we have to have to be successful with what ever we do.

Week 18 – The Right Way

Everyday in our life we have choices, always choices.  Should I sleep for five more minutes or get up? Do I wear the red shoes or the blue shoes?  Am I eating oatmeal or cereal this morning? Should I switch lanes or stay where I am.  And so on and so on.

We make so many decisions that the ones that really count sometimes get lost in translation.  When you are in business it doesn’t matter what the product is.  It really doesn’t.  What people are buying, is you.  When you decide that service to others is your choice, your world will open up.  People can see your passion, people can feel whether you are genuine, people know whether you care about them or just care about the sale.   When you are in service to others you are going to be successful.

Sometimes, however, people get lead astray.  Integrity is a choice as well.  Once, a person’s word was their bond.  It was one’s honor that would be destroyed if their word was no good.  And reputation is everything.  Running your business with integrity and ethics is the only way to run a business.  To do anything less, is letting down not only yourself, but all the people whose you paths you cross.  If your word is no good and you have no integrity or ethics in business you are going to not only hurt a lot of people, but you are not going to be able to look the guy or gal in the glass in the eye moving forward.  There are many temptations to take short cuts, to try to beat the system, and try to outsmart the rest of the world.  Bottom line is you are going to lose.  You word, your integrity, your ethics is all you have.  Once you cross the line and chose do to anything but the right thing, you have lost.  It’s never worth it to do anything but the right thing.  And that makes all the difference in the world.

Week 17 – Courage

When fear strikes it’s hard to strike up enough courage unless you have a definite purpose in life.  Once you can see the trees through the forest and realize what is important, it’s amazing how easy life gets.  When you can visualize what you want to become, where you see yourself, and what kind of person you will become in your future self, the fear fades away.  It definitely takes courage to pick up the phone or to walk into an establishment and ask for their business, but without a definite major purpose this task may be difficult.  With a DMP, everything changes.

When choosing what task was a weakness in my life, courage was near the top my list.  I have had success, but I felt it was not enough.  My old blueprint was holding me back.  Negative people have kept me from moving toward my potential.  However, recently, something has over come me the past few weeks that I feel has helped with my move toward embracing everything we have been talking about over the past few months in MKE!  I am definitely a better person and I am becoming a better business woman in the process.  When I moved to the city I am currently living in, I knew no one and knew nothing about business.  I feel I have moved in the right direction the last few months with everything I have learned and am learning about.  I have become a networking machine and people have commented how I have been giving so many referrals in the past few months and to keep it up…give more, get more, right?!  It is SO true!!  It is all coming together and I am so grateful I have been a part of this class.

Sometimes we have to dig deep and ask ourselves, what is holding us back?  Some times our own head keeps us from becoming the person we were intended to become.  I will become the person I know I can be.  I will become my DMP.  I am no longer keeping fear as an excuse to not succeed.  I will succeed because I have the courage!

Week 16 – RAK Week

I have been amazed at all the things, big and small, that people have done for one another during our week of focused Random Acts Of Kindnesses.  It has been a breath of fresh air to hear about all the different acts of kindness done by MKE members or to hear about their eye witness accounts of others performing random acts of kindness.  Reading through all the different accounts and commenting back has put a smile on my face.  It’s amazing how sometimes such a simple effort can make all the difference in the world.  Sometimes just a simple smile can be huge to someone who doesn’t think he or she is even noticed in the world.  Everyone likes to be acknowledged.  Simple, but priceless.  This whole exercise has given me a glimpse at what a little effort can do to help change the world.

As kids we all have aspirations to grow up and change the world.  Somewhere down the path of life that fire was put to the back burner.  And quite frankly, some times I think about how were we going to do that?  Now, I realize with this exercise we are changing the world one act at a time.  We just have to continue the process and we will reach more and more people and perhaps those people will return the kindness as well.  It’s like another pay it forward movement.  We are making a difference.  We are changing the world one act at a time.  And I like it!

Week 15 – Grateful

There are so many things we can be thankful for.  The exercise of adding to our grateful list daily has been very empowering and eye opening.  It’s amazing when we started to think of all the accomplishments we have experienced over the course of our life, it really opened up a flood gate of things I hadn’t thought about in a LONG time.  It is so true that we, as humans, have a tendency to dwell on the failures, let downs, or negatives in our life.  It’s always easy to remember the bad things, but sometimes really hard to remember all the good.  For me, I know I have always blown off praise for accomplishments, like, “no big deal.”  But now, I see how every little thing, no matter how insignificant in my mind are a part of who I am.  These are the pieces of my life’s puzzle.  The other thing I have come to realize is what is easy for me may be something really difficult for someone else.  So, something simple to me may have been something enormous for the other person giving the praise.  The more I am becoming an observer of my life, the more I am realizing how simple it all is!

Being reminded on a daily basis of all the “little” things I have been able to do is changing me.  Learning how to be gracious and saying, “thank you” to people for compliments has been life changing.  This whole exercise is making me become a better person.  This whole exercise is opening my eyes to how much harder I was making things.  I am finally comfortable in my skin and happy with what I am doing.  Giving more, has been helping me get more.  Even the little things, the sum of the parts do add up.  I am grateful that I have been given this opportunity and changing my life as I knew it.



Week 13/14—Persistence

I love the movie Rudy!  Rudy is this little guy that had BIG dreams and NEVER let anyone tell him he wasn’t going to achieve them.  Rudy’s dream was to go to the University of Notre Dame and play football.  Everyone told him his whole life what they thought he couldn’t do:  can’t pay for school, can’t go to Notre Dame, can’t play football at college, can’t get in a game, and so on, but his desire to see his dream come true, his persistence to succeed was greater than what anyone else could say or do.

As Rudy grew up obstacles came at him in every way, shape, and form.  When it was time to apply to college, he didn’t have the grades necessary to get into Notre Dame.  So, he went to a small college, but stayed near his dream by volunteering for the football team’s booster club.  He helped paint helmets every week so the golden helmets stayed golden and he got to be near the football stadium.  He didn’t have enough money to go to school, so he got a job working on the grounds crew at the Notre Dame stadium.  He was doing everything he could do to keep his dream alive.

Eventually, Rudy got in to Notre Dame and he went out for the football team.  Everyone was telling him he was too small to play, but his desire and his relentless, persistent work ethic made the coaches take notice and he made the team—being practically a tackle dummy on the practice squad.  When everybody else was getting tired or let up, Rudy worked harder and he made the first team work harder and made them better.  And the coaches noticed, but they still thought he was too small.  Rudy’s ultimate goal, once he made the team was to get on the field for a game.  Again, every obstacle from every way, shape, and form was thrown at him to keep him from getting to his goal and dream.

Rudy didn’t let negative thoughts detour him or affect him because his DMP was too strong.  Rudy didn’t need anyone’s permission to achieve what was a burning desire in every fiber of his being.  No matter all the negative noise around him and no matter the negative events around him, he still believed he could do it and wouldn’t stop until he did.  He still believed in his goal of playing in a game.  After all the sacrifice, pain, and agony, he never gave up on his dream.  The greatest compliment of all, was Rudy’s last game when every single player on the team turned in their uniform as to be replaced by him, as a sacrificial gesture, to let Rudy get on the field and play.  He had been physically ripped up day after day after day and made the Notre Dame team better and they all respected him because of his relentless work ethic.  The act of giving up their starting spot by the entire team was a gesture of respect and the coaches eventually allowed Rudy to get in the game.  Thus, his attitude of never give up and persistence had paid off.  His dream was achieved.  You never know what persistence can do when you put your mind to it!  Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy!!!!